Diane Wieser

Classical Dessage, Working Equitation, Work in Hand...Spanish Walk to Piaffe.

Diane's passion for horses began at a young age in Bogota, Colombia where she grew up. After being caught several times, roaming the mountains in search of horses to go galloping on, her mother decided to find her some “proper” riding instruction.

Years later after graduating with a Masters in Architecture and after starting her architectural practice in the late 70's she immediately returned to her childhood passion . For the next 6 years she traveled through the United States and Europe taking instruction from trainers she considered masters and mentors.

In 1985 she moved to Utah attracted by the vast amount of open space available to ride her horses freely. She started and trained horses in the deserts and mountains of Utah accompanied by her 3 children, who fortunately had inherited some of her same passion for riding. In 1986 she built Tally Ho Farm, an 11 acre equestrian facility in Park City, Utah . There she continued developing her training philosophy based on the schools of classical dressage. Diane also continued developing riders and horses in dressage and eventing. She pursued dressage through the FEI level, competing and training successfully on a national level.

In 2002 Diane rediscovered the Iberian horse and “philosophy and practice” were finally melded. She continues instructing and training in the art of Classical dressage and showcases her Lusitano Stallion Xantel and her Lusitano Mare Afrodite, both trained through level 4... (Grand Prix) Diane now breeds, trains and sells Lusitano and PRE horses and stands her stallion Xantel Interagro.

Through clinics and private instruction Diane combines Working Equitation and classical dressage. People of all riding levels are truly enjoying the basics of dressage in a fun and exciting way.

Courtnay Gray

3 Day Eventing, Jumping, beginners through advanced level riders.

Courtnay Gray is a trainer specializing in the training and coaching of 3-Day Event competitors and kids or adults who want to learn how to ride. Horses have played an integral role Courtnay’s entire life. Growing up in Florida, as a young girl Courtnay began taking riding lessons at local riding stables. Her love for the horses solidified that this was something that would be part of her life forever. Soon after, she joined the US Pony Club and began her career in 3-day eventing and graduated as a B pony clubber. As a young rider, Courtnay had the opportunity to ride and work with top level trainers in dressage, three day eventing and hunter jumpers in Florida and the Atlanta area. In 1998 she moved to Southern Pines, North Carolina to pursue becoming a professional equestrian. There she had the opportunity to work with J. Michael Plumb, Brian D. Lenehan, Bobby Costello, and many more of the best professionals in the country. Courtnay has successfully competed to the top levels and has a way of reading a horse and rider combination that allowed her to help each student reach their full potential.

Trevor Howard

Natural Horsemanship for horses and owners of any level, starting young horses, solving issues with horses, making good trail horses

Trevor is a 34 year old, with a lovely wife and 2 young children who all ride and love horses. If it wasn't for his wife Jayme he would still be chasing trout all over Utah and the surrounding states making a living as a highly sought after fishing guide.

He was once asked what his "training credentials" were, which resulted in a silent, distant gaze and then a story about Jag and Penny. These were the first 2 horses he began with many years ago. Education and learning are two of his favorite pursuits in life and horses have been the perfect vessel for that. He enjoys the philosophy behind why we do what we do with horses. His work both in hand and in the saddle is a search for that perfect harmony of horse and rider. Quite frankly he just loves horses and the relationship they allow us to have with them.

Trevor excels at handling and working with young horses, helping horses that are misunderstood, roping, and lately... the finer arts of a more classical approach to working with all horses. He believes horsemanship is all about "feel" and "timing" and that those things can be gained by experience and proper mentor-ship. "Horses are really training us and together we can accomplish amazing things".