Placido Dressage at Tally Ho Farm brings Working Equitation to Utah! Diane Wieser and Manuel Trigo offer frequent clinics in Working Equitation. Look for Working Equitation Trials at Tally Ho Farm starting in 2015!

According to Working Equitation International (WEIUSA), "The The discipline of Working Equitation (WE) was created with the objective of enhancing the equestrian techniques developed in countries whose riders use horses in different aspects of ranch and fieldwork. The aim is not only to preserve and perpetuate each country’s type of equitation, but also their various traditions, the dress, and tack comprising each nation’s unique cultural equestrian heritage. Working Equitation, therefore, provides an opportunity for the simultaneous comparison of sporting and cultural considerations.

"Working Equitation was pioneered by four countries: Portugal, Spain, France and Italy, with the first International competition being held in 1996. In 2004, the World Association for Working Equitation (WAWE) was established to govern the sport. Since that time, the sport has continued to grow and is now well established in Europe and is gaining popularity in the Americas. WAWE rules are used for all international competitions, but each individual country has its own rules for domestic competitions."

What do you do in Working Equitation?

A Working Equitation Competition has three of four phases, depending on the level of the competition and the ability of the facility to offer the fourth phase. The Phases are:

  • Dressage
  • Ease of Handling
  • Speed
  • Cow Trial

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