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Tally Ho Farm Trainers

Diane Wieser

Classical Dessage, Working Equitation, Work in Hand...Spanish Walk to Piaffe.

Diane's passion for horses began at a young age in Bogota, Colombia where she grew up. After being caught several times, roaming the mountains in search of horses to go galloping on, her mother decided to find her some “proper” riding instruction.

Years later after graduating with a Masters in Architecture and after starting her architectural practice in the late 70's she immediately returned to her childhood passion . For the next 6 years she traveled through the United States and Europe taking instruction from trainers she considered masters and mentors.

In 1985 she moved to Utah attracted by the vast amount of open space available to ride her horses freely. She started and trained horses in the deserts and mountains of Utah accompanied by her 3 children, who fortunately had inherited some of her same passion for riding. In 1986 she built Tally Ho Farm, an 11 acre equestrian facility in Park City, Utah . There she continued developing her training philosophy based on the schools of classical dressage. Diane also continued developing riders and horses in dressage and eventing. She pursued dressage through the FEI level, competing and training successfully on a national level.

In 2002 Diane rediscovered the Iberian horse and “philosophy and practice” were finally melded. She continues instructing and training in the art of Classical dressage and showcases her Lusitano Stallion Xantel and her Lusitano Mare Afrodite, both trained through level 4... (Grand Prix) Diane now breeds, trains and sells Lusitano and PRE horses and stands her stallion Xantel Interagro.

Through clinics and private instruction Diane combines Working Equitation and classical dressage. People of all riding levels are truly enjoying the basics of dressage in a fun and exciting way.

Christa Elaine Wood

Instructor- Trainer Dressage

Passion for maximizing potential with tangible results

Horse Trainer/ Instructor specializing in competitive dressage, correct development of riders and horses with a focused, systematic, compassionate and understandable approach to help each horse and rider compete and perform at their highest ability. Twenty-five years in the equine industry, combined with thirteen years in the breeding industry, has established a firm foundation and a well-rounded wealth of knowledge for students and horses alike

Awards and Achievements

USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist all on horses started as foals

USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze Bar (Musical Freestyle)

2003 USDF Musical Freestyle Challenge Award 1st Level – #1 in USA

USDF All Breed (P.R.E.) – #6 in USA

USDF Musical Freestyle Region 5 | Champion (5x), Reserve Champion (3x)

USDF Open Championships | Champion (1x), Reserve Champion (4x)

National Champion 7 & Over P.R.E. Stallion | Reserve Functionality

Jeannie Parkinson

Natural Horsmanship, Parelli, Western Riding.

Jeannie Parkinson is our natural horsemanship and Liberty training specialist who has partnered with Tally Ho Farm to grow the human to horse relationship aspects of effective and fun ground play, liberty and western riding.

After spending decades studying and applying the behavior and psychology of horsemanship, Jeannie knows what truly motivates the horse and how to help the human break down the learning process and be provocative enough to engage the horse's mind for progressive progress.

Jeannie completed the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program and earned the title of a 2 Star professional. Jeannie has studied with many trainers through out the industry such as:

Ernie Amos World Champion Hackamore Cowhorse trainer with 40 years in the business of cutting, reining, trail, cow horse and colt starting.

Lillan Roquet, 3 Star Parelli Professional with extensive experience in balanced riding, Liberty training and horse behavior.

Dan Meyer. NRCHA, NRHA, World show judge in Reining, Reined Cowhorse, Cutting, Ranch Riding and Trail.

Vaughn Knudsen, APHA and AQHA, NRHA Champion trainer and world title holder.

Jeannie has competed in Reining, Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail and Cutting with many 1st place honors. Although she loves to ride and compete, her sweetest passion lies in the art of training horses at liberty. It is there that a true connection between human and horse is a must.Trail riding in the open beauty is also a deep love.

She has spent decades helping many horses be confident on trails so their owners can enjoy a relaxing, cooperative experience.

Jeannie believes that the art of riding and training horses begins with seeing the world through the horses eyes. This brings greater understanding and harmony for horse and rider in any equestrian discipline.