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Children's Equestrian Academy

Tally Ho Farm Children's Equestrian Academy

Tally Ho Farm is about horses and horsemanship and responsibility and life skills and about instilling in the young rider confidence and self esteem. Its about friendship and about memories that will last a lifetime!

Tally Ho Farm has been teaching Park City children since 1988. Our programs are designed to teach kids in a fun safe and productive manner. Children of all ages have experienced the joy of participating in lessons, camps and outings. At Tally Ho Farm we emphasise safety, confidence building, comraderie and good horse management skills

Children work in groups and learn responsibilty and leadership through the care and nurturing of their "pony friends."


  • Introductory: Horse knowledge 1, grooming, mounting and dismounting, walking accompanied by instructor.
  • Beginner: Horse knowlege 2, grooming, walking unaccompanied- steering- balance. Games on ponies.
  • Novice: Horse knowledge 3- Grooming, tacking, trotting, balance and strength, trail rides.
  • Intermediate: Horse management 4- walk trot canter-trot poles- balance and strength.
  • Advanced: "Find your favorite sport but be handy at most all of them"" Introduction to jumping, dressage, polo, working equitation

Tally Ho Farm accepts children ages 7 and older. We recommend 2 lessons a week to start. After reaching a certain level of proficiency and safety, riders are invited to lease a horse. The lease program allows riders to practice the skills they learn in lessons. All riding is supervised.

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