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Riding Lessons

All of our Tally Ho Trainers offer training for the horse and lessons for the rider.

We offer lessons in:

  • Natural Horsmanship
  • Basic Riding
  • Jumping
  • Dressage
  • Classical Dressage
  • Polo
  • Classical Dressage
  • Working Equitation

Lesson Prices

  • Group Lesson $45/hour 3-4 riders.(1 hour, Dressage is not taught in groups)
  • Semi-private $55 (45 minutes, 2 riders)
  • Private $65 (45 minutes)

Riding Lessons

Tally Ho Farm welcomes riders of all levels, disciplines, and abilities. We offer lessons from beginner through advanced.

Lesson Horses

Lesson horses can be provided to get you started whether your want to trail ride, do dressage, jump or learn the sport of Polo or Working Equitation. Leasing a horse is available for riders ready to practice the skills learned in lessons on their own. Contact Diane at 801-209-6518 for more information.


Lessons are designed specifically for the rider and his or her horse. Often, a combined lesson and training program is the most effective approach to help the horse and rider progress consistently. Generally, Dressage and beginner jumping is taught in private lessons. In Hand (Natural horsemanship) and Working Equitation are taught in groups. Come talk with us regarding your goals.

Problem Solving

Have a horse with some behavior or training problems? Want to teach your horse to be a steady trail horse? Problem solving is a specialty for all of our trainers. Give us a call to discuss a plan foward.

Diane 801-209-6518

To learn about leasing or buying a horse, please speak to Diane. Even if you are just starting out, we can help you find a horse that fits your skills and budget.